Meaning at Work

Nicholas Ind
  • Utgivelsesår: 2010
  • ISBN: 9788202315719
  • Språk/målform:
  • Antall sider: 208
  • Nivå: Akademisk
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We spend much of our waking time working, but sadly, most people are disappointed with what they do. In Meaning at Work, Nicholas Ind asks why we get bored and frustrated with our jobs and then suggests the attitudes and behaviour we should adopt to find fulfilment. Drawing on ideas from philosophy and business practice and illustrated with references to films, art and literature, Ind shows that people can find meaning if they engage with their jobs, challenge themselves to be open to the ideas of others and take an active part in shaping their organizations.

Using interviews with artists, academics, film and theatre directors, entrepreneurs and business managers as inspiration, Ind demonstrates how we can realise our potential as individuals and make the organizations of which we are part, more successful. Whether you are a leader of an organization, an employee, a student or about to start work, this book provides a rich source of ideas.

Nicholas Ind is an author, consultant and associate professor at the Oslo School of Management. He previously ran IconMedialab’s brand consultancy in Sweden as well as his own firm in the UK. He is the author of ten books including The Corporate Image, Living the Brand and Terence Conran’s authorised biography. He holds a PhD in Philosophy from the European Graduate School in Switzerland.

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Nicholas Ind

Nicholas Ind er forfatter, konsulent og førsteamanuensis ved Markedshøyskolen. Han har tidligere ledet Iconmedialabs konsulentavdeling i Sverige og drevet eget selskap i England. > Forfatterprofil