The “tellekantsystem” is the popular Norwegian term for the Norwegian Scientific Index, a system for quantitative evaluation of research, adopted by Norway’s higher education sector in 2006. The aim is to apply a standard of measurement to research in order to allocate funding to institutions on the basis of their scholarly production rather than the number of academic positions held, and in turn stimulate an increase in scholarly publishing.

To accrue points in the tellekantsystem, research must be published via accredited channels, that is to say, in books published by accredited publishing houses or in accredited journals. Accredited publication channels are divided into two categories: Level 1 and Level 2. The top 20 %, the most prestigious and influential publishing channels, are designated Level 2. Publication at Level 2 yields a higher number of publication points, and thus a greater amount of financial support, than Level 1.

Cappelen Damm Akademisk is an accredited Level 1 publisher of scholarly monographs and anthologies.