With Open Access, research findings are freely available to anyone with Internet access, without charge or any other form of access barrier. By definition an Open Access journal cannot generate subscription income or be part of databases maintained by licensing fees.

Establishing and running an Open Access journal, however, is not without costs. One model for meeting these costs is a fixed annual fee that alone covers all operational expenses, so that authors are not responsible for costs associated with publishing their work. A more common solution is that the journal charges a production fee for published articles, a so-called Article Processing Charge (APC). These charges to the author, normally paid by his/her institution or research financer, contribute to the journal’s operational costs and offset the annual sum the journal pays to the publisher.  

Many of Norway’s higher education institutions have established their own publishing funds to finance author fees incurred with Open Access publication, that is to say, to cover their own scholars’ APCs. An overview of publication funds listed by academic institution can be found on www.openaccess.no.

More detailed information about APCs and criteria for fee waivers can be found on each journal’s website.