Establishing an Open Access journal is a complex endeavour. The NOASP team partners with journals and provides their editors with guidance and support through every phase, from planning to publishing.

Part of the start-up phase is becoming familiar with the formal requirements and unique standards that Open Access journals must satisfy. Which license should a journal choose? How does one establish appropriate routines for peer review? What about applications for financing or accreditation as a scholarly publishing channel? These are just a few of the challenges that NOASP staff can help journals with: every journal published with us has a dedicated journal manager who assists its editors, authors and reviewers at every stage.

The distinction is often made between “green” Open Access and “gold” Open Access. NOASP’s publications are gold Open Access: articles are always freely available, in their entirety, to everyone from the moment they are published.

NOASP’s infrastructure is optimized for Google Scholar and other search engines. We set up each journal in accordance with criteria from DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals), and all articles are published in several file formats (PDF, XML, HTLM and EPUB) for maximum reach.

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